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With veteran suicide rates rising dramatically (an average of 22 per day) and increased media attention to violence of veterans who struggle with mental illness, the US military has been under increased pressure to provide better access to mental health treatment. This pressure has largely gone unanswered.

Almost a quarter of military members have symptoms of at least one mental health condition, with more than 10% qualifying for a diagnosis of two or more mental illnesses. They have put their lives on the line, often gone through the hell of war, and there has been little official help.

Some of the unique challenges soldiers face include:

  1. Foreign combat. Soldiers are often required to kill others, watch their friends be injured or killed, face near-constant threat of death, see military actions that undermine their core values, and suffer catastrophic injuries.
  2. Long separations from their families. Even soldiers who never serve abroad often face long term separations from their families for training activities.
  3. Uncertainty. Service members often have no idea what their future holds. They learn abruptly about life-threatening deployments, new job assignments, and other life-altering transitions, impeding their ability to plan for the future and creating constant anxiety.

Much of this comes under the catchall phrase PTSD but runs deep in the core of each man, whether he is actively in the service, or attempting to re-enter civilian life. Think of it as culture shock to the nth degree.


Then along comes Tron Peterson. A man of God, with a heart for our hurting military men and women. He’s a father of 5 wonderful children and he loves ministering to people who are struggling, so he founded Peterson Outdoors Ministries in 2006 and located in Missouri. Tron's vision began by simply taking our wounded veterans on deer and turkey hunts utilizing the family farm and properties offered by surrounding neighbors. The time spent in nature with other veterans and talking over life challenges with people who really care provided healing strength. Most of all, when things seemed impossible, finding hope in Jesus Christ renewed life’s purpose.

As this ministry grew the vision grew with it. Tron began to see the need for a permanent facility where care could be provided year round through various events. The Lodge of Hope is now a reality. It has a thriving ministry facility on extensive acreage with a peaceful lake, providing structure and comfort to the people they serve. POM’s mission is to bring restoration, hope, and healing to our beloved military families who are in distress; provide a place of refuge for those who battle daily with disabilities, illness, and suffering; and to provide aid and support for family members caring for their loved ones with disabilities. POM volunteers also focus on veteran suicide prevention with impressive success stories and many lifelong friendships.

For over 12 years Peterson Outdoors Ministries has been ministering to veterans and their families, and there is no better way to do that than in God’s healing outdoors!



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