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People often ask us, “What’s the best way to help Haiti?” It is widely known that this island nation is the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere. Natural disasters such as devastating hurricanes, tragic earthquakes and cholera epidemics batter the nation constantly; political corruption and resulting civil unrest obstruct economic development; lack of education and basic resources cripple the progress of the common people.

Our answer as Vanguard Ministries International is two-fold. First, we need passionate supporters to spread awareness about the challenges people face in Haiti. We need help raising money to help solve those challenges. We rely heavily on our partners and volunteers to join us in reaching the goal of alleviating severe poverty in Haiti.

Our objective is to empower the Haitian church to build better relationships between God and mankind through Jesus Christ. Strong families and strong communities are the foundation for advancement of the nation. The Haitian people need to rise above dependencies and achieve personal sustainability through their own God-given resources. Most of all, they need hope. And this hope is found in Jesus Christ.

There are dozens of ways to help Haiti. By gaining first-hand experience working in Haiti we have developed trustworthy and reliable ministry partners, such as Eben-Ezer Mission, Inc. We have also created several efficient and transparent ways that YOU can make a difference there. Discover these ways by following us on Facebook and our blog to see our current projects—and join us!

Suggestions: You can start an online fundraising campaign; help us get valuable medical supplies to patients in Haiti; donate to Haiti relief today to help alleviate poverty and make a difference in the lives of the Haitian people; or travel with us to see our Ministry in action--and be an active part of the results. You can also volunteer to teach children and young people in the Eben-Ezer schools and university; or train men and women in vocational skills that will provide them with employment and small businesses. Haitians need a hand up, not handouts!

Scroll down to view a few additional ways you can contribute to our vision and help create generational change in northern Haiti.

“Everyone is called to missions. You either go down the well or hold the rope for those that do.” –Paul Washer


Back to School Campaign

Just $10 will equip a student with school supplies
needed to start the year on the right foot!

Emergency Relief Program

Help raise $20,000 to pack, ship and distribute 75,000
meals during an emergency.

General Fundraising

Start your own fundraising campaign today! Your support will go directly to our efforts, funding sustainable development programs in Education, Healthcare, Water and Sanitation, Infrastructure, and Economic Development in northern Haiti.

Listed below are the only medications and medical supplies that VMI accepts. We cannot accept medications and supplies that expire within 15 months of the date received in the Stillwater office.

For biomedical equipment, donations must come with a certificate of working order and be in working condition for the next five years. All essential and spare parts must be included that will be needed within the first year of use. Please contact our office to make a bio-medical donation at 405-762-2471 or email to:

Supplies for Emergency Relief will need to be mailed to our office:
P.O. Box 1895
Stillwater, Oklahoma 74074

Medications & Supplies

Medical Equipment



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We through donations and volunteers sponsor medical missions in both Haiti and India.

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We through donations and volunteers sponsor medical missions in both Haiti and India.

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