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Our Number One mission is serving and sharing the love of Christ with those in need.

We through donations and volunteers sponsor medical missions in both Haiti and India. Seeing a doctor in the remote areas of Haiti and in India is a rare occurrence and a great blessing. The children hava access to medical care through our Annual Clinic missions and in some areas we have helped to establish a permanate clinic. Parents are always thrilled that their children have this opportunity to be seen by medical staff that are caring and greet each child with attention to their individual need. It’s a day where many of their needs will be addressed and their voices heard – whether it be medical, or prayer needs, or their joy upon receiving a bag full of gifts.

Our volunteer medical personnel share their medical skills and resources with the local doctors and staff in Haiti or India, to improve the lives and health care for the people there. Our plan is to improve health care delivery in the villages, and by providing new and recycled medical supplies, teaching the local health providers and providing surgery when possible to the people where it is otherwise not available.

Our Medical Mission trips are a great personal journey and an important necessity to many communities in Haiti and India where people are in great need. Our Mission trips depend on volunteer professionals willing to help people in under developed villages in Haiti and India, and in a cities that are impoverished.

Our Mission is Rooted in the healing ministry of Christ. When you go on a mission trip and see the needs and opportunities in these villages, it changes your prospective and pulls at your heart. You can see, there are incredible reasons for going on a mission trip! The involvement will open your eyes to another way of life and let you experience God in a whole new way.


Do you need a reason to say, YES, to a mission? You’ll impact the lives of countless people and realize many changes in your own life.

Have you ever considered going on mission trips? If you’ve never served abroad, we always have a need for more people. You’ll impact the lives of countless people and realize many changes in yourself.

The Gospel becomes more real.
Christianity dominates in the United States over other religions. With dozens of Bible translations and thousands of churches to choose from, it’s easy to be a Christian here. However, places across the world still persecute Christians. Some believers even die for their faith. The mighty power of the Gospel appears more real in the areas it’s least welcomed.

You will rethink your materialism.
When you see how little other people have, it really puts things in perspective. It makes you realize what your real needs are while reconsidering how you spend money. Seeing how happy others people can be with what little they have will allow you to have gratitude for the many blessings that we already have.

You will learn and appreciate different cultures.
Traveling outside the US, you will experience an entirely different culture and a lifestyle you wouldn’t otherwise encounter. You’ll learn so much about other people, what they eat, how they dress, what they do in their daily lives. These experiences bring about increasing awareness of minority cultures around you when you return home.

World affairs will remind you of significant moments.
Being part of a mission trip will allow you to become more aware when the country appears in the news. You may become more interested in the affairs of that county wherever you travel, because you will have built personal connections to the place and some of its people.

You will build lasting friendships–and memories.
You will develop a closer understanding to the people you serve alongside, and you’ll have plenty of memories to relive.

Your faith will grow.
We in the US have many resources. It’s easier to put your trust in what’s readily available. However, after serving in villages where modern medicine isn’t readily available, you might witness an incredible miracle or a life changed through your gift of love. You will be amazed how God provides in the craziest of ways–especially when the answer seems impossible.

This can solidify a call into vocational ministry.
If you’ve felt a calling in your life for missions, please consider sharing your professional skills with us. Serving in another country is a sure way to test your desire and reasons for going on a mission trip.



The heart of Vanguard Ministries Int’l (VMI) is to evangelize the people of this world. In Matthew 28:19-20 we are called...

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We through donations and volunteers sponsor medical missions in both Haiti and India.

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We through donations and volunteers sponsor medical missions in both Haiti and India.

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